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Sequoia Psychotherapy Center (SPC) is a psychological treatment facility that emphasizes a philosophy. All human beings are prone to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually throughout life. SPC is one of only a few programs of its kind that is dedicated to and specializes in drug free treatment. Therapists at SPC are committed to respecting the dignity and autonomy of the person above all other concerns. Human beings are innately designed to heal from their suffering; even grow from it.

The source of healing must be sought in the very things that make us human. These things include literature, art, music, laughter, play, community, and of course, basic human compassion. We must always seek to struggle productively with our suffering; expanding, deepening, expressing and sharing our humanity.

SPC has achieved notable success in leading many people to more productive and satisfying lives. SPC can assist you in achieving your life's goals. If you have questions about our program or if you wish to set up an appointment please feel free to call us.

Mark D. Popper, Ph.D.
Executive Clinical Director